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Foam materials

Assortment of foam materials


Polyurethane foam-based water filter with open cells and
Polyurethane mesh air filter based on Polyamida with open cells


Plates and balls of NR tyres with open cells used for marking, rollers, conveling strips, roller rollers, cleaning balls, concrete pipes.


Panels, rolls and profiles made of spongy rubber with open and closed cells used by the industry in general, ceramic industry, computer mouse pads, perforators, electrics and Electromechanics.


Tubes, panels and insulating panels of anti-condensing closed cells. Self-gasibility 1. Degree. They are used for insulation and heating systems, sanitary facilities (hot and cold water), cooling devices.


Polyethylene foam plate of closed cells, network of chemical and physical composition, in rolls and blocks for nautics, sports equipment, packaging, camping, textile industry, motors, lighting, sanitary fittings, life jackets

Evacell/EVA Foam

For material EVA Foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) is often used and the names of Eva Sponge and Eva Tyre. It is a polyethylene-based foam material supplied in panels and blocks.


Foam rubber or spongy rubber with closed cells in plates, rolls, profiles and blocks. At the request of the plates of glued materials (especially useful in orthoptics and sports).


Silicone foam in the form of panels, reels, profiles and foam silicone rubber rods with open and closed cells. Used in industrial thermal and acoustic insulation of high level


Anticondensing insulation, acoustic insulation, base plate for eliminating vibration, as a cartridge between windows, perforated waterproof pads and dust and noise protection pads.


Panels of Vulkolan and polyurethane foam of closed cells to achieve non-vibrating components in the motor industry, lifts, springs, levers.

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