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In over 25 years of business, we have delivered hundreds of unique sealing solutions according to the specific requirements and specifications of our customers. We manufacture seals according to the highest standards of industrial quality and safety. Thanks to the advanced production capacity we are very flexible, and we can deliver the products in a short time and in large quantities. In our offer you can find seals for household and industrial sealants. With the standard catalog offer, we make custom seals according to the customer’s designs.
Before the seal production process, it is necessary to select the appropriate material with the best resistance to the medium, pressure and temperature that the gaskets will be exposed to.

U ponudi su gumene brtve, teflonske brtve, brtve od klingerita, gumiranog pluta i drugih materijala prema narudžbi. Mogućnost izrade u odnosu na oblik i dimenzije gotovo je neograničena.

Gaskets range

Industrial Gaskets

A wide range of gaskets used in industry and medicine for a variety of applications, such as radiator gaskets, gaskets for oxygen and gas.

Spirometal Wound Gaskets

According to the material combination, spirometal seals are suitable for sealing at varying temperatures and pressures. Depending on the application, the spirometal seal can be with the outer and / or inner rings.

Household gaskets

A wide assortment of gaskets used in households for various purposes such as taps, boilers, nuts, gas cylinders and various pipes.

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