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Doormat Offer

Aluminium mats

Due to its efficiency, durability, resistance and aesthetic appeal, the aluminum mat is an optimal solution for use in public and commercial buildings

Textile Mats

A textile mats are used in indoor areas as the second phase of cleaning after an outdoor mats. It collects a tiny dirt that is not removed in the first cleaning phase and absorbs excess water from the footwear.

Rubber mats

Rubber mats are durable and resistant to harmful effects of high and low temperatures. Good absorbing shocks, and their hard and stable backing positively affects the feet, knees and back.

Polycarbonate Subsoles

Protective backing for office chairs and armchairs protects floors from wear and tear. It is made of polycarbonate which has exceptional resistance, which means that the protective substrate will not be so easily destroyed and changed color.

PVC doormats

PVC mats are solid and extremely resistant to wear. They are used equally in external and internal high frequency rooms. Due to light weight they are easy to set up and operate.


A properly selected doormat at the entrance to a business or residential facility will prevent the intake of rough dirt, reduce the cost of maintaining the floor lining and extend their lifetime. Doormats from our offer are made of high-quality materials resistant to different atmospheric conditions, and exceptional production quality guarantees long-term use. They are adapted to frequent places such as shopping malls, hotels and business premises. With maximum performance characterized by them a stylish and unobtrusive design that will fit anywhere. Doormats, except in standard dimensions, are also manufactured according to your requirements. Our expert team with years of experience will make sure that you choose effective professional mats tailored to your space.

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